About Us

We are a multi-generational, multi-cultural church that loves God and each other. We embrace each other for where we're at while encouraging and strengthening each other along the way. Jesus is the One that bonds our hearts together. 

Values: We believe that receiving and serving is key to a healthy life in God. We serve one another in love, honor, and forgiveness through God's grace. We serve and invest in our community and enjoy giving back through many community outreaches:

Founded by Pastor Howard Hatcher. This program aids in strengthening relationships between community and law enforcement through dynamic events hosted throughout the year. We are actively aiding in reconciliation and healing through consistent healthy dialogue and interactions with many community leaders and churches coming together and participating as one.

A program founded by Dr. Hatcher that not only accelerates learning, but also assists incarcerated individuals, and those at risk, with effective cognitive and emotional resets. This changes the trajectory of their lives so that they become someone that is leading their own lives well and serving others with gratitude.

A partnership program that facilitates exponential impact to multiple outreaches each month by supporting them with our time, service, and financial resources.

Mission: We are passionate about growth and development for ourselves and others. We help one another in navigating life's pains and promises with Christ at center of it all. 

We worship Jesus fervently, We pray with expectancy. We experience the presence of God. 

Vision:. To allow Holy Spirit to have His way in bringing salvation, deliverance, healing, and peace for all through Jesus Christ and His free gift of forgiveness of sins that comes with the gift of repentance. To continually mature in the Lord through relationship, sound doctrine, and faith.

Join us on Sundays at 10:30 AM & Online for life-changing worship and ministry.