5000 Strong

5000 Strong is where we join together to have an extraordinary impact worldwide. Our goal is for 5000 people to give $20 a month to support different outreaches. My $20 individually may not do much; however, joining together, we CAN change the world! Every month your partnership donation buys girls out of the inhuman sex trafficking and slavery trade here in the U.S. and abroad.

We support feeding thousands of children every month and build orphanages for them to live in and schools for them to attend. We assist in making water wells every month in poor, diseased areas where waterborne illness is the top killer of babies and children. With your monthly gift, we support women's and children's homes that provide education and career assistance. We sponsor monthly mission outreaches to India, Cambodia, Africa, Pacific Islands, and worldwide.

We are making a massive difference in orphanages, stopping sex traffic; building water wells; establishing and supporting women's homes; and missions worldwide, as well as in our backyard here in the U.S. One colossal fist in the face to darkness!

Become a monthly partner with 5000 STRONG by clicking the recurring gift option on our 5000 STRONG pledge page.