Ministers Network

Developing embryonic ministry gifts, pastors, and missionaries is critical to Ministers Network. With our Ministers Network, Churches have an opportunity to send staff and others for specific training for detailed and strategic leadership training, coaching, ministry development, and edification. The schoolroom environment with an emphasis on academic excellence in conjunction with "OJT" (on the job training) will provide an excellent vehicle for practical training in relevant ministry.

For years, as we have traveled and taught God's word, he has brought disciples, ministers, pastors, and new converts to train for ministry. They have come from Asia, Canada, Africa, Mexico, and South America. As doors to the world continue to open wider, many will desire or need to come through those doors without going through traditional forms of seminary and schooling.

Training, equipping, reaching, imparting, and releasing the power, anointing, and knowledge of God in a structured training center environment, as well as our online learning curriculum and school of ministry. Apostle Hatcher has been teaching in seminaries and colleges for excess than 20 years with astounding results.